Generalate House

In 1953, the Congregation established a Generalate House in Grottaferrata near Rome. In 1970, this Generalate House was moved to a new building in Rome. The structure provided for a guesthouse ministry as well.

ADDRESS : Via dei Bevilacqua 60, 00165, Roma, Italia
TEL : 0039-06-6650-061

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With Pentecost, that is 50 days after Easter,the Easter season ends and we return to ordinary time.Yet, Jesus

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Welcome to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing in Rome, Casa Santo Spirito. As the Generalate House and Center of the International Congregation we see our mission in being a center of unity and hospitality in the Benedictine tradition.

We want to be a home for our sisters coming from the whole world to be in Rome for some business, courses, meetings or a visit. Our hospitality extends to our friends who would like to visit us and explore the city of Rome.

We are situated outside of the city in a quiet environment, but can still reach the city from the nearby train station Roma Aurelia in a few minutes. Welcome to visit us!

The Casa at Grottaferrata could not accommodate the increased number of general chapter members of 1970. No permit for a building (to connect two houses at Grottaferrata) could be obtained, and under Mother Gertrud Link, Sr. Christiana succeeded again in finding a new site.

By 1970 the new, larger Casa Santo Spirito building, on spacious grounds at
Via dei Bevilacqua 60, near Stazione Aurelia and the western portion of Rome’s Raccordo Annulare (ring road) was ready for the 1970 general chapter, at which our Temporary Constitutions were developed. Since 1970, our general chapters have been held at the Casa Santo Spirito regularly at six-year intervals.

Between them, the ample space was well utilized: for retreats, pilgrims, workshops on the Rule of St. Benedict, International Weeks of Encounter, junior sisters’ programs, initial formation during the 1980’s and 90’s, and also for meetings of other congregations. Serving guests and sisters on home leave/vacation challenges sisters of the community (international now, like the generalate) cheerfully to contribute extra hours in offering true Benedictine hospitality.

We praise the Lord at the Liturgy of the Hours with chants in Latin and Italian, and songs in our many languages at the Eucharist. We keep improving our communication skills patiently, thereby also giving witness to guests that persons from diverse nations and races can live together in peace as we joyfully follow Jesus.


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With Pentecost, that is 50 days after Easter,the Easter season ends and we return to ordinary time.Yet, Jesus does not leave us alone.Rather, he is

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Community Days 2024

From May 15 – 17, the Casa community held its community days.  After the opening prayer and a short input about the first treasure of

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