TORRES NOVAS - Portugal, Spain

In 1961, a community was founded in Portugal. Today, the Torres Novas with its Priory House in Torres Novas / Portugal includes also the house in Madrid / Spain and the communities in Angola. 

ADDRESS : Beneditinas Missionarias; Mosteiro São Bento,Casas Altas; P-2350-434 Torres Novas; PORTUGAL
TEL : 00351-249-811.528

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St. Benedict Monastery, completed and dedicated in 1991, lies on the edge of the city of Torres Novas, about 15 miles (25 km) from Fatima.

One wing of the building is a nursing home for the elderly and offers jobs for 25 employees. The monastery with its beautiful church is the work of an architectural firm available to the town’s projects.

The 11 sisters work in their own nursing home. The sisters take care of 37 elderly, sick and less physically able persons.

The Sisters of Community of Baltar work in the parish of Baltar. The Sisters of the Community of “Our Lady of Good Counsel” in Madrid (Spain) has a small hostel for students. They also guide a group of oblates in Barcelona.

Portugal : The beginning of our mission in Portugal is connected with the history of the Congregation in Angola.

The Sisters of Cuchi wanted to have Portuguese speaking sisters in the community. Sr. Cristina Eloy da Rosa, a junior Sister, was sent from Sorocaba Priory to Cuchi, where she had her perpetual vows. The Abbot of Singeverga, who was visiting the monks in Moxico, came for the preparation for Sr. Cristina’s final profession. D. Gabriel de Sousa witnessed the dedication of the Sisters and appreciated their good spirit. Thus he asked from the Mother General, Mother Maria Lucas Rauch, to send Sisters for the foundation in Portugal, to prepare vocations for Angola….
Spain : In 1933, two Sisters from this group went to Belgium and had their Canonical Novitiate in the community of the active Benedictines in Maredsous. Two years after, which was in the year 1935, the “Benedictine Oblate Sisters” were approved as Diocesan Congregation…. 
Three countries, three histories, one Priory -great challenges, lot of efforts, big differences within one and the other reality, but the same ideal that unites us: