Already in 1887 the first missionary sisters are sent to the apostolic prefecture of South Zanzibar East Africa. With great sacrifice, deprivation and suffering the Sisters would establish themselves in East Africa. Today, the Priories of Ndanda and Peramiho alongside the two Abbeys, flourish in the southern regions of Tanzania. Their extensive ministries include quality health care hospitals and clinics, primary, secondary and vocational schools, pastoral services and more.

ADDRESS : P.O.Box 18 Peramiho via Songea, TANZANIA

TEL : 00255-76-674.8602



Our oldest African priory, PERAMIHO, was founded already more than 120 years ago. Out of the difficult beginnings and the blood of the first martyrs a flourishing native Church developed, richly blessed with many vocations. Native bishops, priests and religious continue the work of the German missionaries in their own culture.

The large mission compounds include the towering church, monasteries of the monks and sisters, a hospital, diverse schools, workshops, business offices, farms and whatever is necessary to live and work in the African interior.

Our first four sisters arrived in “Deutsch Ostafrika” (later called “Tanganyika”) in 1888

under the leadership of Fr. Bonifatius Fleschutz. In spite of great deprivations and diseases their missionary efforts in Pugu proved to be fruitful. However, on January 13, 1889, the mission was destroyed by Arab-incited rebels.

Our Sr. Martha Wansing and two brothers were murdered. Sr. Benedicta Sivering was taken captive and released in March after a heavy ransom was paid.

The Pugu rebellion only enhanced the desire of the German sisters to return to African soil to bring the Good News. In 1889 a new foundation was made in Dar es Salaam. Later, in 1901, the first four sisters came to Peramiho. With true missionary zeal, they bore the difficulties of the climate, disease, language and culture. They started immediately a “hospital” and school.