The Daegu Priory of South Korea expanded dramatically until in 1987, a second priory was established in Seoul. The two priory maintain many small and larger communities serving in pastoral, medical and educational settings.

ADDRESS : 52, Arirang-ro 16-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02827, Rep. of KOREA
TEL : 0082-2-920.9666-7

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The Seoul Priory was founded in 1987.  About 130 sisters work in 15 communities and engage in many kinds of socio-pastoral ministries. One of the houses is located among Korean immigrants in the United States.

In addition to the pastoral work in 12 parishes, the sisters run 5 kindergartens and 1 significant kindergarten in the priory house compound. There is a school for deaf children renowned for the first quality of Korea, a kindergarten for handicapped children, and two nursing homes (one of which is for deaf mutes). They are also responsible for two soup kitchens for the elderly and unemployed. An iconographer sister makes icons that can offer a way to deepen people’s prayer life. The Priory runs 4 counseling centers to help build healthy family relationships and strong self-esteem.

The sisters make an effort to spread the light of the Gospel through their retreat center and the Bible school located in the middle of metropolitan Seoul.

God granted the German Sisters who survived years of life in the cruel concentration camp in communist North Korea, the faith and courage to return to the war-torn country, the land of the martyrs, South Korea.

Their self-sacrificing dedication was rewarded by numerous young vocations which gave new foundation in Daegu a rapid growth. It was already in the priory chapter in 1971, the suggestion to make a new independent priory in the hope that true Benedictine spirituality could be better lived in smaller community, was up for discussion.

After 15 years of deliberations, the priory chapter in 1986 finally came to a decision to establish a new priory in Seoul. On Nov. 16, 1987, Seoul Priory dedicated to St. Gertrud was born with 72 Sisters and 9 stations, mainly located in and surrounding area of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

It started as an independent priory with its novitiate which opened with 3 postulants from the Daegu Priory immediately.