In 1925, the sisters arrived in Wonson of what is now North Korea. After much suffering and imprisonments during the Korean War, a new Priory is established in Daegu of South Korea. The Priory expanded dramatically until in 1987, a second priory was extablished in Seoul. The two priory maintain many small and larger communities serving in pastoral, medical and educational settings.

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Daegu Priory in South Korea, founded in 1951 by the sisters who fled from North Korea, is the largest priory of the Congregation today with 326 sisters and 33 houses. Out of the terror, suffering and death of the persecution, abundant new life flourishes here.

The number of sisters grew so large that they decided to divide and found a new priory in Seoul in 1987. The sisters engage in manifold areas: they run the enormous 800-bed Fatima Hospital in Daegu, another 500-bed hospital, several rehabilitation centers for the handicapped, a high school with 463 students, Bible schools for adults, and a retreat center.

They devote themselves to military chaplaincy and extensive ministries in 25 parishes. In addition, the sisters work in a home for needy TB patients and run a soup kitchen for the poor. In the monastery they make vestments.

Several sister artists decorated the beautiful chapel with sculptures, made statues in the park, and created other objects.

Immaculate Conception of Mary Priory in Wonsan, Korea

In the year 1923 Abbot-Bishop Bonifaz Sauer, OSB, of Dokwon Abbey, Korea, came to the Mother House in Tutzing and petitioned to mission Sisters to Korea. In response to the invitation, on November 21, 1925, the first four Sisters from Tutzing arrived in Wonsan, Korea. Then Sisters served in parishes, educated the young at Sunday schools and elementary schools, and provided health-care and social services.
In particular, Sisters took special care to meet with women and shared with them the Good News as then women were culturally excluded from the general circle of associations where men were present. On the night of their arrival in Korea, their first four candidates greeted the first four Sisters, and, in the very night, the sisters interviewed their first four candidates.
On June 6, 1927, the community in Wonsan became a priory and began its novitiate, and, on May 24, 1931, the first six novices made their first profession. Until the Priory was dissolved, the Sisters served in parishes, managed a Haesung (the Star of the Sea) kindergarten, clinics and dispensaries, and free-of-charge elementary schools for poor children.


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