Zarevbrod / Bulgaria



Zarevbrod Church with Guest House and Garden


Community with old and new Superior Sep2018


Sekirovo - Work with Children and Youth

Eight sisters live in two communities:
Zarevbrod community in the Northern Diocese of Russe and Sekirovo community
in the Southern Diocese of Sofia /Plovdiv.
With the democratic developments,
the first thing to be done was to find a NEW APOSTOLATE that suits the present situation.
This necessity appeared as soon as the Bulgarian Catholic Church came out in the open
together with the faith that had survived in the hearts of many
and a small parish community started to emerge and develop.
Today, 72 - 80 believers are regular members of the catholic faith.
On Sundays, 30 - 40 people from Shumen and Zarev brod come regularly for Mass.

Summer Camp in Zarevbrod

The Beauty of the Country - Zarevbrod

Sestri Benediktini / 00359-5315-2089
ul. Prof. Ivan Ivanov Nr. 2 / BG-9747 Zarevbrod, Schumensko, BULGARIA