Community during Prayer in Tutzing

Priory House in Tutzing


Community in Bernried

Tutzing - from this town at Lake Starnberg near the Alps our congregation took its name. Here after the early beginnings in Reichenbach and St. Ottilien the Sisters started, and from here the congregation spread out to the other continents.
Today more than 1300 Sisters call themselves Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing and find in Tutzing their "Mother House".
Three houses belong today to Tutzing Priory: the Priory House in Tutzing, Bernried with its Seminar and Retreat House and Dresden, the beautiful city, where the Catholics are a minority. In all these places the Sisters strive to reach out to the people and give witness of their faith and hope in a society where Christian faith is no longer common ground.
More about these communities and their ministries is found on the
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Sisters of the Priory gathered to plan for the Future