Seoul Priory History

Seoul Newsletter

Seoul Priory was founded in 1987. About 130 sisters work in 15 communities and engage in many kinds of ministries. One of the houses is located among Korean immigrants in the United States.
In addition to pastoral work in 9 parishes, the sisters run 6 kindergartens, a school for deaf children (K-12), a center for deaf mutes with a kindergarten for handicapped children, and two nursing homes (one of which is for deaf mutes). Many sisters are recently involved in counselling training called "Sand Theraphy" and also responsible for two soup kitchens for the elderly and unemployed. For most of socio related ministries they receive financial support from the local goverment.

Prioress Sr. Illumina Lee

Prioress General M. Maoro Sye
with former Prioress Sr. Rose Marie Hwang
and new Prioress Sr. Illumina Lee