Priory History

Prioress elect Sr. Raphaela Mlwilo

Prioress Sr. Terese J. Zemale

St. Michael Primary School Mtwara

Ndanda Priory in Tanzania is our second oldest priory. Founded in 1908, it developed like Peramiho with hospitals, kindergarten, elementary and high schools, nursing schools, home economic schools, as well as workshops of all kinds.
The large Mwena leper colony was famous through the years-long work of Sr. Lia Schwarzmueller.
When it was no longer needed due to progress in the treatment of leprosy, it was changed to a High School. There was also built a new Kindergarten.
The AQUINAS SECONDARY SCHOOL in Mtwara could be constructed and blessed in 2008 with the help from a TV-program 'Ein Herz fur Kinder' in Germany.
There is a happy development of native vocations. From a mainly German Priory it changes progressively through an international community to become predominantly Tanzanian.

In a region that is predominantly Islamic but socially and pastorally open, missionary service is still sought and appreciated. The priory regards a deepening of the faith among the Christians as of central importance in their work. Right from the start the formation of the young African women, the care for women and the entire health care service had been entrusted to the sisters. These same tasks are being seen anew in the light of dialogue, a communion of cultures and cooperation in pastoral venues.
The first community in Tanganyika outside Dar es Salaam was Lukuledi, not far from Ndanda. Due to lack of clean water it had soon to be given up. Instead Nyangao was founded and is presently the oldest house of our congregation. When that was destroyed during the Maji Maji war the Missionary Benedictines were looking for a new location with sufficient clean water. Ndanda, a place at the foot of the Makonde plateau with many fountains nearby, was founded as a mission station in 1906 by St. Ottilien. The monks were joined by six sisters in 1908. Being a dependent house of the Peramiho Priory first, Ndanda became a priory in 1935. Even after the Maji-Maji rebellion, the mission was not spared sufferings and deprivations. Realizing that our service will always be imperfect we place our hope in the Lord, who will complete what he has begun. In faith we look forward to the coming of his kingdom in glory.

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