Olinda Priory


Prioress Sr. Maria Madalena Ferreira de Mendonša

“O Linda!” (Oh, how beautiful!) the Portuguese sailors are supposed to have exclaimed when they first beheld this hill rising above the lush vegetation and the ocean. The name “Olinda” remains to this day, as well as the ancient colonial style “Misericordia Church” that belongs to our sisters and is visited by many tourists.
The Olinda Priory, located in northeastern Brazil, was founded in 1903. The sisters devoted themselves to the education of youth and soon the St. Gertrude’s Academy (Academia Santa Gertrudes) rose on this hill. Many young Brazilians joined the sisters, making it possible to found nine more communities, several of them in the interior of the country. A university named FACHO (Faculty of Human Sciences of Olinda) also arose nearby.

Priory History


In the Slums

Academia Santa Gertrudes in Olinda
St. Vicent de Paulo Hospital

Teaching Agriculture

Celebration of the Word in the Rural Community

New Community in a Lagoa Real


Pastoral Visit