Helping Flood Victims
Helping Flood Victims in the Keryo Valley

Sr. Rosa Pascal

Prioress Sr. Rosa Pascal

We all know the sad fate of Karen Blixen, the main figure in the movie “Out of Africa”. The Nairobi priory house stands on the property of her former farm called “Karen”. This is where our first native African novitiate was built for young women from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Angola. A retreat center was built in the beautiful area next to it. The ever increasing group of young sisters with a large novitiate is active in many fields such as parishes, groups, schools, kindergarten and clinics. A group of elderly persons is taken care of in the priory house. In 1984 the Generalate established the Nairobi Region, with the regional house in Karen, and stations in Ruaraka and Chesongoch. The first profession of a native sister from Uganda took place that same year. Sacred Heart Convent was dedicated in 1985. For many years initial formation members came from Peramiho, Ndanda, Uganda, Angola, Namibia and Kenya until they could receive formation in their own priories or regions. Nairobi became a priory in 1987 and a new priory house with a larger chapel was built in 1990. From the start, the Kenya foundations have been staffed with sisters of different nationalities. A second dispensary was opened in 1988 and the sisters began community based health care in the surrounding villages. “Subiaco Center”, a retreat and guest house, was opened in 1995. It offers individual and group retreats, Christian courses and for religious communities, for Catholics and members of other churches.