New Convent in Waku Kungo

Sr. Lugarda Pak, councilor for Angola,
with Prioress Sr. Timótea Kronschnabl


During the years 1931-1933, the first sisters came to the then Portuguese colony of Angola and founded the stations Galangue, Kuvango and Cuchi in the Kuando-Kubango Province, working with the Redemptorist Fathers. Only Cuchi remains today. In 1967, four new missionaries settled in Cazombo, in the Moxico Province located on the upper part of the Zambesi River, where they worked with the Benedictine missionaries from Singeverga, Portugal. The Serpa Pinta mission, today Menongue, was opened in 1972. But in 1975-77, all stations were given up in raging civil war. In 1977, Three sisters returned to Menongue; Cuchi was destroyed and Cazombo couldn't be reached. In 1983, the sisters settled in the capital, Luanda and, in 1998, in the totally destroyed Kuito Bie. Young Angolan women have since joined the community so today there is an increasing number of Angolan sisters. The Angolan missions, once a region of the Generalate District, currently belongs to the Torres Novas Priory whose seat is in Portugal.

During the Celebration of Final Profession in Angola

Social Work in Cuchi

Blessing of the new Chapel in Menongue