Olinda / Brazil

Description of the Project
The Social Center Mizael Montenegro Filho was started on October 19, 1962 and is since then maintained by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, Priory of Olinda, Brazil. The Mission of the Center is to help the disadvantaged people to reflect, and apply in a participatory way, socio pedagogic alternatives to assist and accompany children, adolescents, the elderly and families in general. For the transformations of the society in the context of the city of Olinda-PE, the Center undertakes social actions marked by effective participation of the citizens, in order to find together the means to meet the immediate needs: Housing and Health education. Many of our children and adolescents are living in precarious situations daily confronted with trafficking and use of drugs, consumption of alcohol, and thefts. Therefore many of them have a family member in prison.
The project works from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Monday-Friday, assists children (6 to 13 years of age-71 children) and is supported through donations from our own communities collaborating for the payment of 4 teachers, a psychologist, two general service assistants, one night watchmen and a driver as well as social obligations. Some people of the parish community help financially with the maintenance of the building (bill payments of electricity, water, telephone and other expenses). Given the great demand we increased this year the number, rising from 65 in 2016 to 71 this year of 2017. We have a list of 35 children aged 6 to 11 years, in the hope that a vacancy arises. Unfortunately, in spite of the Center having a large physical area with capacity for up to 200 children, distributed in two shifts, we are unable because of the financial burden. We have a payroll of R $9,000.00 thousand dollars per month, which is paid by the home of the Priory, the aid received is insufficient to meet all the needs. On the challenges of today and of the economic and political crisis in the Brazil, it has been very difficult to keep the project with a quality care according to the needs of children and their families. All services offered in order to keep children in educational activities and accompanied by educators are offered free of charge. Right now our greatest need is financial aid so that we can pay employees, increase the hours of work of teachers and consequently enlarge the project, increasing the number of workshops, and getting more children, according to the needs and requests of the same. We present to you the LIFE and citizenship PROJECT, in which we expose our goal, our needs and Expenditure forecast, justifying the request for financial assistance for the maintenance and continuity of the enlargement Project.

General Objective:
Continue the service for children and adolescents increasing the number of slots, serving children in the morning, picking up the many requests, reaching more families. Needs: a) LACK FINANCIAL CONDITIONS to KEEP the TEACHERS in TWO SHIFTS and increase the number of WORKSHOPS in the AFTERNOON. b) FEW WORKSHOPS for the large number of CHILDREN, the GROUPS MAKE NUMEROUS for the tasks which makes it difficult to CARRY OUT the SAME



Rua Catarina Batista de Alencar, 791 Casa Caiada - Olinda - Pernambuco
CEP. 53130-020 Telefone (081) 30116403 C.G.C. 10.579.324/0016-66
Dirigido pelas Beneditinas Missionárias