Need for Eduaction and Clean Water

near Ndanda / Tanzania

Liundu is about 12 kilometers from Ndanda. There are four villages which we have visited and seen their situation. They lack souces of clean water, education for small children who cannot walk far away from home, and health facilities. The Government services have not yet reached them.

Need for Eduaction
During our visit to the area we realized that the parents now see the need for their children to go to School and are open to take some steps towards self help instead of waiting till the Government will reach them with services. With local contributions in kind and in labour, they had managed to build two small classrooms in one of the villages. Here a few children sitting on stones on the ground, writing with a stick in the dust, were learning as Kindergarten and Elementary School Class One. There is only one lady teacher for both groups of children, taking in the morning the little ones for some hours first and then taking the older ones. I was touched by their efforts and promised them help. With a little financial assistance, the sisters helped to buy cement and organize with them to cement the floor of the two Classrooms as well as the floor of the two toilets they have built. As there is scarcity of water in the place, the toilets are deep holes which we call here "pit latrines". They are effective in those circumstances. With a cemented floor they are easy to keep clean.
We have advised them to look forward to next year when more children will surely want to join this beginning School! The present chilren should be able to move to another Classroom so that the new ones come into the present two classrooms! The teacher is also asking for assistance to buy some teaching materials. Therefore we will need to continue supporting their efforts in thinking, planning and in carrying out their plans. They have requested that our convent driver whom we send to them often with messages for them, be part of their village planning meetings.

The children with their teacher
Two rooms poor school at Liundu; with one teacher; she takes a few little children for Kindergarten first and then she takes the bigger children for some hours too. The children sitting on the ground on stones and writing in the dust. Last month we paid for them to make a cement floor and walls. We encourage them to build two more rooms to be ready for January 2018 in order to take more children ad make room for them.

The Sisters of Ndanda Priory supporting the school

Need for Sources of Clean Water
 In February some of our Sisters visited the people in those villages. We knew that the villagers suffer from lack of water and that they go far away to fetch water for the needs of their families but we were shocked to find the situation of the people worse than we expected. We discovered that the people in Liundu villages suffer not only from going far to look for water, but also from many deseases caused by bathing, drinking and cooking with poluted water. So we were looking for underground water. We have already done a survey with a water drilling company from Mtwara and they found water in several places, including one in the plot of the adjecent plot of a neighbouring plot belonging to a villager. So our goal is eventually to drill for bore hole water for our farming purposes and also to make clean water available to the villagers for use of their families, especially for drinking. It will take long to realize this. Meantime we have decided to take water in a 14 liter water tank lorry for the people from time to time.

If you want to help us to support the area of Liundu in its development, your donation is most welcome!