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Our Address and Bank Account:

General Mission Procure
Benediktenweg 5
82327 Tutzing, GERMANY
Tel.: 0049 8158 90710-0
Fax: 0049 8158 90710-30


Missions-Prokura Tutzing
Kreissparkasse München - Starnberg
Account No.

IBAN: DE72 7025 0150 0430 5709 86

The Mission Procure
The general mission procure, or simply mission procure, functions as a bridge within our international congregation.

The congregation of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters developed from Tutzing in Upper Bavaria. Today, more than 1300 sisters of 26 different nationalities are living and working on four continents, in 18 countries.
As a point of contact to the sisters and to the churches all over the world, many tasks are coming up to the mission procure.
These are not only about financial support, but also about encounters and contacts across the globe.

The sisters and co-workers in the mission procure desire to share the treasures and the needs of the young churches here in Germany, to raise awareness for the missionary co-responsibility of all Christians and to strengthen their commitment.
Thus the mission procure is able by its work to offer a modest contribution towards a worldwide witness to the care of God for all people and his real closeness in Jesus Christ.