The love of Christ impels us

to participate in the missionary service of the Church
to bring the Good News of Salvation to all sectors of humanity.
Open to every kind of activity consonant
with our Benedictine community life and prayer,
we engage in diverse forms of apostolic commitment
according to the needs of time and place.
We evangelize as a community and generally render our services
through common apostolates.

That in all things God may be Glorified.

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The fundamental characteristic of our way of life is seeking God under a rule and a superior.

Benedict envisioned a balanced life of prayer and work as the ideal. Monastics would spend time in prayer so as to discover why they're working, and would spend time in work so that good order and harmony would prevail in the monastery.
Benedictines should not be consumed by work, nor should they spend so much time in prayer that responsibilities are neglected. According to Benedict, all things-eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, working, and praying- should be done in moderation.

The Benedictine Way . The first step in following a 'Benedictine Way' is to concentrate on the first word of the Rule: listen. Here our Holy Father Benedict gets our attention and sets the framework for teaching us how to follow Christ in community.

For Benedict, a spiritual pathway was not one to be littered with weird and unusual practices; rather, all that is needed is to be faithful to finding God in the ordinary circumstances of daily life. How to prepare oneself for this simple-but not necessarily easy-way of life is the substance of the Rule.