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    Our common life finds expression in praying and working together,
    in sharing our goods, both material and spiritual,
    and in mutual service, support and encouragement.
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    We participate in the mission of the Church
    by our work of evangelization.
    In accordance with the tradition of our Congregation,
    we commit ourselves to proclaiming the Gospel among people
    who do not know Christ and where Christ is not
    sufficiently known.
    We serve where the church is in need.
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    We are challenged to awaken the sense for God
    in our contemporary society
    and to make others aware of the integral salvation
    of the world offered by God in Jesus Christ.

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    Our Benedictine prayer life is characterized
    by the Liturgy of the Hours in common and lectio divina.
    It reaches its highest point in the celebration of the Eucharist.
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  • pic9 "Run while you have the light of life, that the darkness of death overtake you not" (Jn 12:35)
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영성 교육

The love of Christ impels us

to nurture and witness spiritual values in centers of spirituality,
to participate in the missionary service of the Church,
and to provide guidance for living out the message of the Gospels.

That in all things God may be Glorified.

Nature of Benedictine Prayer:
Benedict says little about how to pray.

The heart of prayer for Benedict is seeking God and awareness of God in every aspect of living. In the Rule of Benedict, Chapter 20 and 52 speak of "reverence in prayer," "purity of heart" and "tears of compunction."

Other Benedictine themes of prayer are

-listening, desire, praying with Scripture through reading, meditation, and contemplation; - LECTIO DIVINA / (how to practice)
-mindfulness, short and continual prayers;
-praying with the PSALMS;
-discernment in prayer and prayer as: "universal, converting, reflective and communal."